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Salut Museum


Conical vessel

Conical vessel S312 (IMTO archive)

Salut, Burnt Building, Corridor
Muscat, Office of the Adviser to HM the Sultan for Cultural Affairs
Light grey soft-stone (chlorite); H 7.2, D 12.3
Iron Age
Discovered in the corridor of the Burnt Building this vessel is one of the two complete vessels found in Salut.
The external surface is enriched with an incised decoration consisting of a series of triangles (made by a pattern of vertical and oblique lines) enclosed by two horizontal lines. The space free from the triangles is filled by a saw-teeth motifs. Just below the rim one saw-teeth line is placed between two horizontal lines. The inner surface of the vessel shows clear marks of the chisel.
This shape of vessel is very common during the Iron Age, the use of the saw-teeth motif confirms the dating. (ET)