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Salut Museum


Spouted bowl

Spouted bowl in soft-stone from Salut (S306) (IMTO archive)

Salut, Area 4 (US298)
Muscat, Office of the Adviser to HM the Sultan for Cultural Affairs
Light grey-greenish soft-stone (chlorite); H 2.1, D 5.0
Iron Age
Fragment belonging to a spouted bowl. The external surface is decorated with various motifs: a chevrons one is incised on the spout and just below it; the wall of the vessel is also enriched with a pattern of three lines forming a zig-zag motif. This pattern is enclosed by a framework consisting of three horizontal lines at the top, two lines running parallel to the base and two perpendicular lines which close the chevron decoration.
Two small holes are visible at the base and along the wall of the spouted vessel revealing an attempted repair, as usual during this period, with metal plaques or perishable material.
As shown from this vessel in the Iron Age period the incisions are more clear but it doesn't corresponds to an attention to the drawing, in many case the execution is very poor. (ET)