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Assyrian relief with royal couple

Assyrian relief from Nineveh (Courtesy of the British Museum)

Nineveh, North Palace, Room S
London, British Museum (BM 124920)
Alabaster; H 58.42, W 139.7, Th 15.24
Neo-Assyrian period: 645-635 BC
In this wall panel relief the king Ashurbanipal is banqueting with his wife in the royal garden, beneath a vine pergola. The banquet is probably for the victory over the king of Elam, Teumman, whose head is suspended from a tree behind the queen. The scene and furniture are very elaborate: four maids fan the royal couple, while others bring food or play music. There are various plants, among which date palms and many birds in the trees, in a scene apparently idyllic. (AL)