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Salut Museum


Grave goods

Assemblage of grave goods (IMTO archive)

Hill of Salut, cairn tomb
Muscat, Office of the Adviser to HM the Sultan for Cultural Affairs
Bronze Age
This collection of grave goods includes 52 beads, a bronze pin and a white limestone mace head.
The assemblage of beads, probably constituting a necklace, is composed by different materials, sizes and shapes: the most part (33 beads) in reddish carnelian are discoid (from 0.3 to 0.9 cm in diameter); 5 beads are made of white stone (3 spherical, 1 discoid, 1 biconical); 2 shell beads and 1 grey stone are tubular; 1 green stone bead is discoid.
The bronze pin (L 9.3, D 0.6 cm) is circular in section with flattened and pointed end; the other one is broken.
The limestone rounded mace head (D 6.6, H 6.8), with polished surface, has a large perforation to insert a wooden shaft. (AL)