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Painted Jemdet Nasr jar

Painted Jemded Nasr jar (Strommenger E., Hirmer M., L'arte della Mesopotamia, Florence 1963: pl. VII)

Southern Iraq
Baghdad, Iraq Museum
Painted ware; max D 31
Jemdet Nasr Period (3100-2900 BC)
This jar belongs to a specific Mesopotamian typology of Jemdet Nasr period, during which there is a renewal in the production of decorated and painted ware, after the decline of the previous Uruk period.
Wheel made, these jars are biconical-shaped with everted rim. The monochrome or polychrome decoration consists in geometric motifs (lines, triangles, lozenges, criss-cross pattern, etc.).
In this exemplar the polychrome painting is red-violet and black over a cream coloured slip. After the painting, the surface was carefully polished. The proportions of these jars are very harmonious with the height corresponding in size to the central and maximum diameter. (AL)