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Salut Museum


Seal impressed fragment

Seal impressed fragment from Salut (IMTO archive)

Salut, ST1, main ditch (US331)
Muscat, Office of the Adviser to HM the Sultan for Cultural Affairs
Clay; W 5.5, L 3.6, T 0.7
Bronze Age: 2400-2000 BC
One of the most important finds from ST1, to our knowledge this fragment is the first of its kind to be found not only in Oman but generally outside the greater Indus Valley. It is in fact a seal impressed fragment, likely belonging to an Harappan ledge shouldered jar, the impression (unfortunately incomplete) showing two confronting bulls and some Harappan script. Small traces of what seems to be bitumen also were still adhering to the fragment. Analyses of the ware will be performed in order to try and establish the production area of the vessel. Bitumen traces as well will be sampled in the future for provenance studies. (MdE)